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PrimeConsultants LTD is a private independent international consulting company established in Estonia, acting worldwide through it’s network of Country Representatives in target regions.

The management team of the company consist of a pool of highly competitive international experts - practitioners, holding the international expert category I level profiles each with experience in the field of more, than 20 years.

Company’s primary focus is development, management and evaluation of International Development support projects, thus assisting beneficiaries with international technical assistance to developing countries and to those with economies in transition.

PrimeConsultants Ltd activity policies are based on quality assurance and excellent results oriented principles.

Use of modern information technologies to build comfortable virtual planning, project development and management environment for our partners and consultants. Contemporary virtual platform based project development and management techniques and tools allow to immediately react on the daily permanent communication routine - promptly discussions, replies to any inquiries as well as other collaborative tasks require transparent real-time communication.

The result oriented policy mobilises the team and collaborators to work consistently following the agreed directions and methodology. Task oriented performance, creative constructive atmosphere is maintained during all the stages through the whole process of project development and implementation.

UAB PrimeConsultants Lietuva is a subsidiary of PrimeConsultants Ltd (Estonia).

Lithuanian PrimeConsultants this year is celebrating  10 years jubilee of consulting activities, with more, than 100 implemented projects, financed by the EU structural funds and EU regional development fund.

Address: Roosikrantsi 2-K030, Tallinn, 10119 ESTONIA

Company Registration Number: 11604793

Email: info@primeconsultants.eu

Tel: +370 687 52 272

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